Our school is better when you are involved! Most activities and events outside of regular class only exist because of volunteers. Fundraising events are all volunteer run, and the School Council is run by volunteers. Our school would not be the same without all the people willing to give their time, their expertise and to share their passions with the school community.

Ways You Can Help:

  • Participate in School Council as Parent Rep or Board Member. If you like being involved in the decision making process, and want to hear firsthand discussions on what is going on at our school and in our Ward, consider getting involved in the School Council. There are a variety of board member roles with varying levels of commitment, so you can always find a role that suits your availability. Get more info here.
  • Create/Run/Join a School Committee. Committees can add a lot to the school experience and great value to curriculum requirements. Committees based in STEM / STEAM (like an Arts Committee or Eco Committee for example) are a great addition to in-class learning. Get more info here.
  • Volunteer at School Council Fundraising events (Fall BBQ, Fun Fair, Pizza Lunch, Pub Nights etc.) These events are the ones that make the biggest financial difference to the school and they are entirely run by volunteers. Volunteer during the event, in the planning phases, or after for tidy up. Get more info here.

The Importance of Your Involvement:

  • Help reach Fundraising goals
  • Enrichment of school resources/activities
  • Create a Stronger school and parent community

Do you see an opportunity for improving the school? Do you have skills that could create a great club or event for our kids? Annette St PS Council is always open to hearing from parents about how they can add value to the school experience. School Council is your representative so come talk to us, and we can help you make our school an even better place for us all! Get in touch here.