As a result of funding cuts by the Ministry and the TDSB over the years, fundraising for our school has become a priority of the Annette School Council. Our fundraising supports opportunities to provide enhancements to the curriculum and enrichment experiences for our student body. Every year the School Council raises funds through a number of volunteer-run events. From monthly Pizza Lunches, to Parents’ Pub Nights to the always popular Annual Fun Fair, there are initiatives run throughout the year to help increase funds for the school.

The School Council works closely with the School to coordinate funding efforts that ensure:

  • Funds support the School Improvement Plan (SIP) to complement school directives and ensure a collaborative united approach to our children’s learning. 
  • Funds raised are primarily directed to Enrichment programmes to complement Teacher’s education plan.
  • Every child has access to all programmes or opportunities provided if they want to participate so that no child feels left out.
  • No family is overburdened throughout the school year through competing initiatives from the school, teacher and council fundraising campaigns.