Council Committees

There are a number of volunteer run committees established at Annette St PS to enrich and improve the student school experience. These committees vary from year to year as demand requires. You do not need to be an elected member of Parent Council to run or be on a committee, all parents/guardians are welcome and encouraged to participate! Ideally each year we would have committees to cover all aspects of student enrichment from Arts, to Fitness, to the Environment and to help run the more fundamental aspects of enrichment such as Finance, Fundraising and Communications. As with all volunteer set-ups we can only offer to our students what parents and guardians are able to commit to, so if you would like to see committees that aren’t currently running re-established, or you would like to to start a new one, please help us by getting in touch and volunteering your time and expertise to help improve the school support!

Active Committees 2019-2020

Eco Committee – Annette St. PS is a gold-certified EcoSchool. Students and teachers at Annette benefit from a variety of outdoor classrooms including a bird habitat, two butterfly habitats, a food garden and an edible forest garden. The Eco Committee works with teachers and students to plan, plant and maintain our gardens. We support our school’s efforts in energy conservation, waste minimization, ecological literacy and building healthy communities. We regularly partner with the Arts Committee on outdoor and indoor art projects which raise awareness of our connection to the natural environment.                        Contact: LillianTsim –

STEM Committee
The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) committee serves to bridge the gap between school and parents regarding STEM education.  The goal of this committee is to assist not only teachers, but also parents of all things STEM related.
The STEM committee will focus on the following:
1) Working with Teachers, Librarians and Principle, the committee will identify suitable technology in the classroom.
2) With the assistance from teachers, the committee will identify resources/materials to better support parents in STEM education at home.
3) Serve as a liaison between teachers and parents
4) Hosting Events & workshops for Parents in STEM
5) Working as a group, the committee will promote/organize STEM activities in the school.
Contact: Ron Soong –
Arts Committee
The Arts Committee exists to foster an appreciation of and participation in the Arts in all their forms. It is my hope that the Arts Committee will help connect the school with professional artists for school projects and events, provide support and mentor ship to student artists/clubs and arts groups, and assist with arts focused events at school (school plays, concerts, art exhibits, film festivals etc). The Arts Committee is open to anyone who appreciates and values the arts and wants to ensure they thrive and are available to all students at ASPS. I would love to have members who represents different disciplines such as music, visual arts, design etc.
Contact: Stevie Baker –

Past Committees

Communications The Communications Committee mandate is to deliver information about our school council and community to the parents, guardians and caregivers of Annette students, to make it easier for the community to give feedback to the Council, and help improve the Council’s internal communications.The Communications Committee currently runs the council website, facebook group, twitter account and newsletter.

Finance – The finance committee develops School Council’s annual budget, supporting the needs of Annette’s teachers and students and Annette’s School Improvement Plan. The committee presents the recommended budget to council for approval and adoption, regularly reporting to council on progress against the budget. The committee responsibly manages the receipt of funds and their disbursement through a transparent accounting system.

Fitness – The Fitness Committee seeks to work with the Physical Health and Education (PHE) teachers at Annette St PS in order to provide any support which may be desired in order to improve the PHE program.

Fundraising – The Fundraising Committee is responsible for the planning and execution of events and ideas to raise money for the school. The committee sets its goals based on the amount of funds proposed by the Council’s Finance Committee, and approved by the Council, for school enrichment activities and special purchases.

Grants – The Mandate of the Grant Committee is to search and find different kinds of grants. Write and send the grant application before its deadline.

Graduation – The purpose of the graduation committee is to plan and execute the Grade 8 Graduation Celebration for parents and students at the end of the formal ceremony.

Library – The Library Committee supports the work of Annette’s librarian and classroom teachers, increasing the library’s accessibility through new acquisitions which reflect the varied needs of our school’s community. Past activities have included the Scholastic Book Fair, the creation of a Parent Resource Section, and organizing parent volunteers for the library during school afternoons.